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1| or  OR Logical "or" (Vertical bar). Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the bar
2 &&  or  AND Logical "and". Filter the column for content that matches text from either side of the operator.
3/\d/Add any regex to the query to use in the query ("mig" flags can be included /\w/mig)
4< <= >= >Find alphabetical or numerical values less than or greater than or equal to the filtered query
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6" or =To exactly match the search query, add a quote, apostrophe or equal sign to the beginning and/or end of the query
7 -  or  to Find a range of values. Make sure there is a space before and after the dash (or the word "to")
8?Wildcard for a single, non-space character.
8*Wildcard for zero or more non-space characters.
9~Perform a fuzzy search (matches sequential characters) by adding a tilde to the beginning of the query
10textAny text entered in the filter will match text found within the column
Prospect Team NameDraft Year Overall Pick Information Lien
Aapeli RasanenHouston Supernova3447
Aarne TalvitieToronto Tomahawk3561
Aaron HaydonDallas Storm3096
Aaron IrvingSt-Johns Desperados30122
Aaron SnowVancouver Knights
Adam BeckmanVancouver Knights3922
Adam BoqvistSt-Johns Desperados383
Adam BrizgalaChicago Blackhawks
Adam BrodeckiLondon Spartiates2989
Adam BrooksSeattle Armada3161
Adam ComrieCalgary Red Bull
Adam FoxChicago Blackhawks
Adam GinningLondon Spartiates3747
Adam HelewkaCleveland Bulldogs29116
Adam HuskaHouston Supernova3157
Adam JanosikAnaheim Icehawks
Adam MarshSt-Louis Blues3167
Adam MascherinMoncton Wildcats3416
Adam MorrisonMoncton Wildcats
Adam MusilWashington Budweiser3160
Adam Ollas MattssonEdmonton Oilers2970
Adam ParsellsLos Angeles Kings3195
Adam PolasekCalgary Red Bull
Adam RuzickaSt-Johns Desperados3654
Adam SmithToronto Tomahawk
Adam TambelliniDetroit Red Wings2848
Adam WernerHamilton Ultimate Fighter31121
Aidan DudasAnaheim Icehawks38113
Aidan McdonoughChicago Blackhawks3940
Aidan MuirDallas Storm28106
Akil ThomasRegina Pats3813
Akira SchmidMoncton Wildcats3873
Aku RatyCalgary Red Bull3946
Albert MichnacChicago Blackhawks35120
Albin ErikssonRegina Pats3725
Alec RegulaHouston Supernova3732
Aleksi HeponiemiSeattle Armada3520
Aleksi MakelaMoncton Wildcats27119
Aleksi MustonenChicago Blackhawks27102
Aleksi SaarelaToronto Tomahawk3253
Ales StezkaAnaheim Icehawks3290
Alex Barre BouletSeattle Armada31125
Alex D'orioMontreal Canadiens35114
Alex DostieLos Angeles Kings3453
Alex HutchingsSan Jose Rhinos
Alex KileCalgary Red Bull28121
Alex LintuniemiSt-Louis Blues3029
Alex SchoenbornAnaheim Icehawks3086
Alex TurcotteSeattle Armada399
Alex VelischekSeattle Armada
Alex VlasicAtlanta Supra3964
Alexander AlexeyevAtlanta Supra3716
Alexander AvtsinAtlanta Supra
Alexander CampbellChicago Blackhawks3954
Alexander ChmelevskiHouston Supernova3636
Alexander DelnovRegina Pats24104
Alexander DergachyovAtlanta Supra3141
Alexander KadeykinLondon Spartiates2980
Alexander KhovanovMontreal Canadiens3820
Alexander KozevnikovWinnipeg Jets
Alexander MoodieLondon Spartiates30142
Alexander PetersHamilton Ultimate Fighter2955
Alexander PoluninNunavut Mystery
Alexander RomanovHamilton Ultimate Fighter3711
Alexander TrueCleveland Bulldogs3941
Alexander VolkovHalifax Thunder3524
Alexandr DarinAtlanta Supra3988
Alexandre MalletAnaheim Icehawks2475
Alexandre RouleauLondon Spartiates
Alexei LipanovDetroit Red Wings3653
Alexei TsyplakovChicago Blackhawks3999
Alexey ToropchenkoQuebec Nordiques3678
Alexis GravelMoncton Wildcats3762
Alexis PepinSt-Louis Blues3093
Alfons MalmstromAtlanta Supra3485
Aliaksei ProtasOttawa Lumberjacks3918
Allan McShaneLos Angeles Kings3840
Amir MiftakhovOttawa Lumberjacks38115
Anatoli GolyshevNunavut Mystery3451
Andreas SchumacherDallas Storm30147
Andreas SoderbergHalifax Thunder3097
Andrei AltybarmakyanRegina Pats3637
Andrei KuzmenkoCalgary Red Bull29122
Andrei PopovHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Andrei SvetlakovChicago Blackhawks
Andrei TaratukhinEdmonton Oilers
Andrew ConboyHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Andrew FritschEdmonton Oilers2255
Andrew NielsenMoncton Wildcats3248
Andrew O'BrienCleveland Bulldogs2451
Andrew PeekeDetroit Red Wings3445
Andrew SarauerSan Jose Rhinos
Andrew ThomasAnaheim Icehawks
Andy RogersSeattle Armada
Angelo EspositoNunavut Mystery
Angus CrookshankEdmonton Oilers3894
Anthony AngelloBoston Bruins2973
Anthony BrodeurChicago Blackhawks2765
Anthony De LucaAtlanta Supra29117
Anthony DifrusciaEdmonton Oilers2798
Anthony FlorentinoOttawa Lumberjacks2872
Anthony HamburgOttawa Lumberjacks
Anthony LouisNunavut Mystery2878
Anthony NigroHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Anthony PopovichQuebec Nordiques38105
Anthony SalinitriLondon Spartiates
Antoine LafleurHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Antoine MorandMontreal Canadiens3528
Anton BlomqvistSan Jose Rhinos
Anton CederholmMontreal Canadiens2866
Anton GustafssonSan Jose Rhinos
Anton KarlssonCleveland Bulldogs2939
Anton ZlobinVancouver Knights2557
Antti KalapudasChicago Blackhawks2999
Antti SaarelaAtlanta Supra3997
Antti TuomistoNew York Rangers3928
Anttoni HonkaAtlanta Supra3919
Arkhip NekolenkoEdmonton Oilers2967
Armands BerzinsWinnipeg Jets
Artem ArtemovChicago Blackhawks31124
Arthur KaliyevDetroit Red Wings3913
Artur GavrusVancouver Knights2456
Artur KayumovWashington Budweiser3477
Artyom ManukyanWashington Budweiser3789
Artyom MinulinQuebec Nordiques3598
Arvid CostmarVancouver Knights3970
Arvid HenriksonAtlanta Supra34103
Arvid HolmWashington Budweiser3689
Auguste ImposeLondon Spartiates3198
Austen BrassardEdmonton Oilers2254
Austin CarrollSt-Louis Blues30114
Austin LeviLos Angeles Kings
Austin MadaiskyVancouver Knights
Austin PoganskiSt-Johns Desperados3070
Austin StrandMontreal Canadiens31150
Austin WongWinnipeg Jets37110
Avery PetersenDallas Storm2879
Axel AnderssonRegina Pats3852
Axel HolmstromAtlanta Supra3051
Axel Jonsson-FjallbyRegina Pats3482
Barrett HaytonSt-Johns Desperados374
Beau StarrettHalifax Thunder3049
Beck MalenstynWashington Budweiser34106
Ben BloodDetroit Red Wings
Ben JonesBoston Bruins3539
Ben MeehanChicago Blackhawks39110
Ben StormEdmonton Oilers28129
Ben ThomasSt-Johns Desperados2940
Benjamin FinkelsteinSt-Johns Desperados34115
Benjamin MarshallSan Jose Rhinos
Benjamin MirageasWashington Budweiser3549
Benoit-Olivier GroulxMontreal Canadiens3719
Benton MaassWashington Budweiser3591
Billy SauerSan Jose Rhinos
Blade JenkinsBoston Bruins3835
Blaine ByronVancouver Knights2880
Blake KesselOttawa Lumberjacks
Blake McLaughlinSt-Louis Blues3739
Blake MurrayBoston Bruins3956
Blake SiebenalerRegina Pats2943
Bobby BoltEdmonton Oilers
Bode WildeSeattle Armada3814
Bokondji ImamaToronto Tomahawk3177
Boris KatchoukLos Angeles Kings3426
Brad MorrisonVancouver Knights3281
Bradley LalondeCalgary Red Bull31128
Brady GilmourVancouver Knights35110
Brady LyleChicago Blackhawks35109
Brady VailToronto Tomahawk2441
Branden TroockEdmonton Oilers2466
Brandon BaddockNunavut Mystery2976
Brandon BurlonCalgary Red Bull
Brandon DuhaimeToronto Tomahawk
Brandon HagelChicago Blackhawks3458
Brandon HickeyHalifax Thunder3036
Brandon KruseVancouver Knights3772
Brandon SaigeonBoston Bruins3859
Branislav FabryWinnipeg Jets
Brayden BurkeMontreal Canadiens
Brayden TraceyRegina Pats3916
Braydyn ChizenLos Angeles Kings
Brendan BurkeNunavut Mystery2892
Brendan De JongOttawa Lumberjacks
Brendan O'DonnellVancouver Knights2287
Brendan WarrenSeattle Armada3254
Brenden KichtonChicago Blackhawks2246
Brennan MenellRegina Pats3969
Brennan ServilleAnaheim Icehawks2377
Brent Gates Jr.Anaheim Icehawks31108
Brent MoranQuebec Nordiques2947
Brett BoehmEdmonton Oilers27106
Brett DavisWashington Budweiser3692
Brett FlemmingOttawa Lumberjacks
Brett McKenzieQuebec Nordiques3185
Brett MurrayToronto Tomahawk3489
Brett PerliniMoncton Wildcats
Brett PollockLondon Spartiates2923
Brett PonichAnaheim Icehawks
Brett SonneAnaheim Icehawks
Brian CooperHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Brian HartSan Jose Rhinos2429
Brian PinhoQuebec Nordiques2786
Brinson PasichnukOttawa Lumberjacks
Brock BeukeboomSan Jose Rhinos
Brooks MacekVancouver Knights
Bruce GrahamOttawa Lumberjacks
Bryce MisleyMontreal Canadiens3581
Brycen MartinSt-Louis Blues3052
Bulat ShafigullinAtlanta Supra3855
C.J. YakimowiczDallas Storm30116
CJ SuessSeattle Armada2990
Cale FleuryRegina Pats3538
Cale MakarNew York Rangers366
Cale MorrisLos Angeles Kings32147
Caleb HerbertVancouver Knights
Calen AddisonSeattle Armada3825
Callan FooteRegina Pats3613
Calle AnderssonHouston Supernova2590
Calle SjalinQuebec Nordiques3585
Callum BoothRegina Pats3272
Calvin ThurkaufNew York Rangers31102
Cam ClarkeLos Angeles Kings
Cam DineenHalifax Thunder
Cam MorrisonSeattle Armada3449
Cameron AskewBoston Bruins3152
Cameron BraceToronto Tomahawk27120
Cameron CrottySt-Johns Desperados36102
Cameron DarcyCleveland Bulldogs2966
Cameron HackettCalgary Red Bull29142
Cameron HebigChicago Blackhawks3181
Cameron HillisLos Angeles Kings3878
Cameron HughesSeattle Armada32109
Carl NeillBoston Bruins3143
Carsen TwarynskiLondon Spartiates
Carson FochtDetroit Red Wings3943
Carter VerhaegheSt-Johns Desperados2731
Casey FitzgeraldChicago Blackhawks31100
Casey Pierro-ZabotelHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Casey StaumOttawa Lumberjacks
Cayden PrimeauBoston Bruins3544
Cedric DesruisseauxEdmonton Oilers38111
Cedric PareBoston Bruins36109
Cedrick HenleyDallas Storm
Chad KrysNew York Rangers
Charles-Edouard D'astousNew York Rangers
Chase LangOttawa Lumberjacks2958
Chase PearsonHouston Supernova3183
Chase PerryAnaheim Icehawks30111
Chase PriskieChicago Blackhawks3945
Chaz ReddekoppHouston Supernova32126
Chet PickardLos Angeles Kings
Chris CalnanDallas Storm2578
Chris LeblancCleveland Bulldogs28138
Chris MartenetLondon Spartiates3288
Christian EversCalgary Red Bull31119
Christian IsacksonAnaheim Icehawks
Christophe LalancetteOttawa Lumberjacks25100
Christopher BrownLondon Spartiates29130
Christopher ClappertonSt-Louis Blues2446
Christopher MastomakiChicago Blackhawks31135
Christopher PaquetteSeattle Armada
Christopher WilkieHouston Supernova29103
Clayton BarthelHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Clayton PhillipsVancouver Knights3560
Cliff PuDetroit Red Wings3418
Clifford WatsonVancouver Knights24106
Coda GordonEdmonton Oilers2575
Cody CorbettChicago Blackhawks25112
Cody DonagheyNunavut Mystery2998
Cody GlassSeattle Armada365
Colby SissonsHouston Supernova
Colby WilliamsQuebec Nordiques27104
Cole BradyAnaheim Icehawks3972
Cole CandellaDallas Storm
Cole CasselsVancouver Knights2842
Cole CaufieldRegina Pats397
Cole CoskeyBoston Bruins3965
Cole FonstadOttawa Lumberjacks3889
Cole FraserMontreal Canadiens3597
Cole GuttmanVancouver Knights3576
Cole HultsChicago Blackhawks3687
Cole SchwindtHouston Supernova3951
Cole UllySt-Louis Blues2859
Colin LongHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Colin SuellentropCalgary Red Bull23102
Colin SullivanMoncton Wildcats2392
Collin AdamsOttawa Lumberjacks
Colt ConradWinnipeg Jets35111
Colten EllisAnaheim Icehawks3949
Colton PointLondon Spartiates
Conner BleackleyDallas Storm2916
Connor BunnamanLos Angeles Kings3471
Connor CorcoranOttawa Lumberjacks39105
Connor CrispDallas Storm2862
Connor DewarCalgary Red Bull3823
Connor HallLondon Spartiates34105
Connor HobbsCalgary Red Bull32125
Connor HurleyEdmonton Oilers2819
Connor IngramMontreal Canadiens31132
Connor McmichaelCalgary Red Bull398
Conor TimminsSan Jose Rhinos3516
Corey DurocherLos Angeles Kings
Corey FienhageHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Corey TrivinoAnaheim Icehawks
Cory UrquhartAnaheim Icehawks
Cristiano DigiacintoSt-Louis Blues3068
Curtis DouglasSt-Louis Blues3738
Curtis HallLondon Spartiates3887
D'Artagnan JolySt-Johns Desperados3684
Dakota JoshuaSt-Johns Desperados3078
Dalton SmithToronto Tomahawk
Dalton ThrowerEdmonton Oilers2424
Damien GirouxSt-Louis Blues3776
Damien RiatOttawa Lumberjacks31147
Damir SharipzyanovRegina Pats30149
Dan BertramWinnipeg Jets
Dan VladarHalifax Thunder3262
Dane FoxEdmonton Oilers24115
Daniel AudetteVancouver Knights2960
Daniel BernhardtLos Angeles Kings3298
Daniel BrodinMoncton Wildcats22120
Daniel BukacBoston Bruins36115
Daniel GunnarssonNunavut Mystery2457
Daniel KurovskyDetroit Red Wings
Daniel MaggioOttawa Lumberjacks
Daniel PribylWinnipeg Jets2387
Daniel WalcottHalifax Thunder3094
Daniel ZaarVancouver Knights2461
Daniil TarasovRegina Pats3667
Daniil ZharkovEdmonton Oilers2593
Danila ZhuravlyovOttawa Lumberjacks3882
Danny KristoHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Danny WeightChicago Blackhawks39120
Dante SalituroSeattle Armada3164
Darren RaddyshAnaheim Icehawks29141
Daultan LeveilleWinnipeg Jets
David BernhardtDetroit Red Wings3466
David CottonSeattle Armada32114
David FarranceSt-Johns Desperados3674
David FischerAnaheim Icehawks
David GustafssonNew York Rangers3742
David HrenakChicago Blackhawks
David KaseRegina Pats3162
David KvetonOttawa Lumberjacks
David MecklerEdmonton Oilers
David NoelSt-Johns Desperados36114
David PopeCalgary Red Bull2858
David QuennevilleVancouver Knights
David TendeckWashington Budweiser37100
David WestlundAtlanta Supra2987
Dawson BarteauxWinnipeg Jets37118
Dean StewartOttawa Lumberjacks
Declan ChisholmOttawa Lumberjacks3851
Demetrios KoumontzisWashington Budweiser3795
Denis GrotWinnipeg Jets
Denis IstominSan Jose Rhinos
Denis SmirnovWashington Budweiser3554
Dennis RobertsonEdmonton Oilers22114
Dennis YanWashington Budweiser3133
Dereck BaribeauMontreal Canadiens35102
Derrick LapointEdmonton Oilers
Devante StephensAnaheim Icehawks31138
Deven SideroffVancouver Knights3154
Devin DidiometeHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Dillon HamaliukAnaheim Icehawks3942
Dmitri KugryshevLos Angeles Kings
Dmitri SamorukovNew York Rangers3677
Dmitri YudinQuebec Nordiques31103
Dmitriy ZaitsevAtlanta Supra34100
Dmitry SemykinEdmonton Oilers38118
Dmitry SinitsynEdmonton Oilers25102
Dmitry SokolovBoston Bruins
Dmitry ZavgorodniyMontreal Canadiens3848
Dmitry ZhukenovChicago Blackhawks3186
Dmytro TimashovSt-Johns Desperados3235
Dominic BasseBoston Bruins3982
Dominik BokkRegina Pats3710
Dominik KubalikOttawa Lumberjacks28114
Dominik LakatosWashington Budweiser36105
Dominik MasinAnaheim Icehawks2921
Dov Grumet-MorrisOttawa Lumberjacks
Doyle SomerbySt-Johns Desperados25114
Drake RymshaDetroit Red Wings
Drew HellesonRegina Pats3968
Drew SchiestelWinnipeg Jets
Dustin WalshHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Dwyer TschantzSt-Louis Blues30115
Dylan BlujusCalgary Red Bull2543
Dylan CoghlanChicago Blackhawks
Dylan CozensSt-Johns Desperados396
Dylan LabbeSeattle Armada2870
Dylan MalmquistEdmonton Oilers29114
Dylan SadowyCalgary Red Bull2926
Dylan SambergOttawa Lumberjacks3635
Dylan WellsSt-Johns Desperados3474
Dysin MayoDallas Storm2944
Eamon McAdamAnaheim Icehawks2777
Edgars KuldaRegina Pats2994
Edwin HedbergChicago Blackhawks2796
Eemeli RasanenWinnipeg Jets3639
Eero EloDetroit Red Wings
Eetu LuostarinenSt-Johns Desperados3522
Eetu MakiniemiDallas Storm3563
Eetu PakkilaSt-Louis Blues3740
Eetu TuulolaLos Angeles Kings
Egor AfanasyevRegina Pats3923
Egor SokolovQuebec Nordiques3782
Egor ZamulaSt-Louis Blues3783
Elmer SoderblomNew York Rangers39101
Elvis MerzlikinsRegina Pats3072
Emil BemstromRegina Pats3647
Emil DjuseQuebec Nordiques27101
Emil GalimovWashington Budweiser28140
Emil JohanssonLondon Spartiates30112
Emil MolinCalgary Red Bull2259
Emil PetterssonVancouver Knights2893
Eric CornelLos Angeles Kings3048
Eric FlorchukSt-Louis Blues3753
Eric LockeSt-Louis Blues2896
Eric RoyOttawa Lumberjacks28101
Eric SchierhornQuebec Nordiques
Erik FoleyAnaheim Icehawks3178
Erik GustafssonAnaheim Icehawks2576
Erik KallgrenChicago Blackhawks32141
Erik KarlssonVancouver Knights2574
Erik NystromEdmonton Oilers2482
Erik PortilloRegina Pats3948
Ethan PhillipsRegina Pats3953
Evan AllenVancouver Knights27103
Evan BarrattSt-Johns Desperados3652
Evan BloodoffEdmonton Oilers
Evan CormierWashington Budweiser3492
Evan FitzpatrickLos Angeles Kings
Evan McgrathOttawa Lumberjacks
Evan SmithWashington Budweiser2993
Fabian ZetterlundAtlanta Supra3529
Fedor GordeevBoston Bruins3691
Fedrik Pettersson-WentzelOttawa Lumberjacks
Felix GirardAnaheim Icehawks28105
Felix SandstromLos Angeles Kings3135
Filip AhlAtlanta Supra3270
Filip BerglundDetroit Red Wings3437
Filip GustavssonSeattle Armada
Filip HallanderAtlanta Supra3723
Filip HeltAtlanta Supra34104
Filip JohanssonHamilton Ultimate Fighter3822
Filip KralVancouver Knights3765
Filip LarssonAtlanta Supra3473
Filip PyrochtaHouston Supernova29132
Filip SandbergMontreal Canadiens24108
Filip WesterlundSeattle Armada3526
Francis BeauvillierSt-Louis Blues2454
Francis PerronHamilton Ultimate Fighter3050
Francois TremblayCleveland Bulldogs2455
Frans TuohimaaWinnipeg Jets23109
François BrassardNunavut Mystery2465
Frederic AllardChicago Blackhawks
Frederik TiffelsRegina Pats32119
Fredrik BergvikCleveland Bulldogs2890
Fredrik ForsbergChicago Blackhawks3190
Fredrik KarlstromToronto Tomahawk
Fredrik LarssonCalgary Red Bull25103
Fredrik OlofssonChicago Blackhawks3043
Fredrik PetterssonSan Jose Rhinos
Gabriel FontaineLondon Spartiates31110
Gabriel FortierSeattle Armada3836
Gabriel GagneHalifax Thunder3232
Gabriel SylvestreDallas Storm
Gabriel VilardiMontreal Canadiens353
Gabryel BoudreauAnaheim Icehawks2745
Garret RossOttawa Lumberjacks25104
Garrett MetcalfVancouver Knights32138
Garrett MeursRegina Pats2290
Garrett NoonanSeattle Armada2350
Garrett PilonWashington Budweiser3490
Geoff PaukovichAnaheim Icehawks
George SorensenMoncton Wildcats32149
German RubtsovWashington Budweiser3414
Gianni FairbrotherHouston Supernova3955
Gilles SennMontreal Canadiens3579
Giorgio EstephanWashington Budweiser3146
Giovanni VallatiSt-Louis Blues3749
Givani SmithRegina Pats3456
Gleason FournierOttawa Lumberjacks
Glenn GawdinNew York Rangers3159
Graham BlackMoncton Wildcats2567
Graham KnottWinnipeg Jets3242
Grant BesseOttawa Lumberjacks28120
Grant MismashSt-Johns Desperados3644
Greg AusmusCalgary Red Bull28125
Gregory ChaseSt-Johns Desperados2747
Grigori DenisenkoOttawa Lumberjacks379
Guillaume BeaudoinWashington Budweiser29149
Gus YoungChicago Blackhawks
Gustaf FranzenChicago Blackhawks31130
Gustav BourammanNew York Rangers32117
Gustav LindstromLondon Spartiates3531
Gustav OlhaverHouston Supernova3296
Gustav PosslerEdmonton Oilers2768
Hampus MelenLondon Spartiates28124
Hannes BjorninenChicago Blackhawks29123
Hardy Haman AktellLos Angeles Kings
Harrison RuoppEdmonton Oilers23100
Hayden HawkeyLondon Spartiates29115
Hayden McCoolCalgary Red Bull31122
Henri IkonenHamilton Ultimate Fighter2755
Henri KiviahoEdmonton Oilers2489
Henri NikkanenNew York Rangers3958
Henry ThrunRegina Pats3934
Hudson ElynuikHalifax Thunder
Hugh McGingRegina Pats3899
Hugo AlnefeltChicago Blackhawks3927
Hugo FagerblomLondon Spartiates30105
Hugo LeufveniusBoston Bruins3571
Hunter DrewSt-Louis Blues3761
Hunter JonesWashington Budweiser3929
Hunter SmithVancouver Knights3030
Ian MitchellMoncton Wildcats3632
Ian ScottCalgary Red Bull3577
Igor GrigorenkoSan Jose Rhinos
Igor ShesterkinOttawa Lumberjacks3088
Igor ShvyrevAnaheim Icehawks35103
Ilya KonovalovColorado Zipper3978
Ilya LobanovDallas Storm
Ilya MikheyevHalifax Thunder3924
Ilya MironovChicago Blackhawks39117
Ilya SamsonovDetroit Red Wings3213
Ilya SorokinMontreal Canadiens3040
Isaac RatcliffeDetroit Red Wings3620
Isaiah SavilleVancouver Knights3989
Ivan ChekhovichHouston Supernova3656
Ivan FedotovQuebec Nordiques3174
Ivan KosorenkovNew York Rangers
Ivan LodniaRegina Pats3541
Ivan MorozovSeattle Armada3837
Ivan NalimovNunavut Mystery29107
Ivan NikolishinNew York Rangers29143
Ivan ProsvetovRegina Pats3769
JC BeaudinEdmonton Oilers3226
Jachym KondelikOttawa Lumberjacks3863
Jack BadiniWashington Budweiser3564
Jack BeckerNew York Rangers32123
Jack DoughertyRegina Pats2922
Jack DruryDetroit Red Wings3724
Jack GloverEdmonton Oilers2927
Jack GorniakAnaheim Icehawks3885
Jack HughesLos Angeles Kings391
Jack KopackaLos Angeles Kings3441
Jack LafontaineToronto Tomahawk3476
Jack McBainDetroit Red Wings3741
Jack McNeelyCalgary Red Bull31137
Jack RamseyLondon Spartiates30120
Jack RathboneSt-Johns Desperados3682
Jack SadekLos Angeles Kings3165
Jack StudnickaHamilton Ultimate Fighter3623
Jack WalkerHalifax Thunder
Jackson HouckToronto Tomahawk
Jackson LacombeSeattle Armada3944
Jackson PerbixSt-Louis Blues3755
Jacob Bernard-DockerRegina Pats3824
Jacob BrysonToronto Tomahawk3686
Jacob CederholmSt-Johns Desperados3468
Jacob FriendWinnipeg Jets
Jacob GoldenMontreal Canadiens3575
Jacob InghamLondon Spartiates3979
Jacob JacksonWashington Budweiser28148
Jacob KucharskiHamilton Ultimate Fighter38116
Jacob MoverareWashington Budweiser
Jacob OlofssonLos Angeles Kings3730
Jacob PaquetteSt-Johns Desperados36120
Jacob PetersonSt-Johns Desperados36116
Jacob PivonkaAtlanta Supra3871
Jacob RagnarssonLondon Spartiates3888
Jacob SvenssonChicago Blackhawks35100
Jaden LindoToronto Tomahawk29135
Jaedon DescheneauHalifax Thunder3082
Jake BischoffVancouver Knights39112
Jake EvansCalgary Red Bull29120
Jake KupskyAtlanta Supra32137
Jake LeschyshynNew York Rangers3545
Jake MarchmentHouston Supernova2985
Jake MassieVancouver Knights31148
Jake OettingerSt-Johns Desperados3622
Jake PatersonRegina Pats2438
Jake RyczekWashington Budweiser34110
Jake TaylorHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Jake WalmanLos Angeles Kings3041
Jake WiseRegina Pats3731
Jakob StenqvistLos Angeles Kings
Jakob StukelHalifax Thunder
Jakub GalvasSt-Johns Desperados36104
Jakub KovarAnaheim Icehawks
Jakub LaukoSeattle Armada3733
Jakub SkarekRegina Pats3831
Jakub VojtaAnaheim Icehawks
James GreenwayAnaheim Icehawks
James LodgeEdmonton Oilers2740
James MullinMoncton Wildcats
James SharrowWinnipeg Jets
James de HaasLondon Spartiates24116
Jan DrozgSt-Johns Desperados3676
Jan JenikSt-Johns Desperados3727
Jan KostalekHouston Supernova2767
Jani HakanpaaCalgary Red Bull
Janne JuvonenLondon Spartiates28128
Janos VasAnaheim Icehawks
Jansen HarkinsDallas Storm3149
Jared FieglToronto Tomahawk29134
Jared KnightLondon Spartiates
Jared McIsaacSt-Johns Desperados3718
Jared MoeChicago Blackhawks35112
Jaroslav JanusOttawa Lumberjacks
Jarret TyszkaAtlanta Supra35115
Jarrod MaidensEdmonton Oilers2467
Jason ChurchillSan Jose Rhinos
Jason RobertsonSt-Johns Desperados3616
Jasper WeatherbyWashington Budweiser3792
Jay BarriballEdmonton Oilers
Jay O'BrienCalgary Red Bull3720
Jayden HalbgewachsMontreal Canadiens3540
Jaynen RisslingDallas Storm25115
Jeff MaySan Jose Rhinos
Jeff TaylorChicago Blackhawks2983
Jeffrey Truchon VielOttawa Lumberjacks
Jens LookeLos Angeles Kings3287
Jeremiah AddisonWashington Budweiser3299
Jeremy BraccoAnaheim Icehawks3119
Jeremy DaviesSt-Johns Desperados
Jeremy GregoireSt-Louis Blues2744
Jeremy HelvigHalifax Thunder
Jeremy MckennaSt-Louis Blues3781
Jeremy RoyLondon Spartiates3128
Jeremy SwaymanOttawa Lumberjacks3662
Jerome Gauthier-LeducLos Angeles Kings
Jesper BoqvistAtlanta Supra3521
Jesper EliassonAtlanta Supra3867
Jesper LindgrenRegina Pats3268
Jesper SamuelssonSan Jose Rhinos
Jesper SellgrenWashington Budweiser37117
Jesse GabrielleAnaheim Icehawks3256
Jesse YlonenLos Angeles Kings3833
Jett AlexanderSt-Louis Blues3768
Jett WooMontreal Canadiens3818
Jiri PateraNunavut Mystery36111
Joachim BlichfeldCleveland Bulldogs
Joachim NermarkVancouver Knights2267
Jocktan ChaineyChicago Blackhawks3574
Joe BasarabaEdmonton Oilers
Joe WegwerthAnaheim Icehawks3081
Joel FarabeeAtlanta Supra387
Joel GistedtWashington Budweiser
Joel HoferLos Angeles Kings3834
Joel LowryDetroit Red Wings
Joel TeasdaleAtlanta Supra35108
Joey DudekHalifax Thunder3080
Joey KeaneOttawa Lumberjacks3849
Joey LaleggiaNunavut Mystery2571
Johan DahlbergHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Johan MattssonToronto Tomahawk2277
Johan SodergranRegina Pats3961
John AdamsVancouver Knights3587
John DahlstromRegina Pats3285
John DegrayAnaheim Icehawks
John DohertyAnaheim Icehawks
John DraegerAnaheim Icehawks24105
John LammersAnaheim Icehawks
John LeonardCleveland Bulldogs3766
John LudvigAnaheim Icehawks3960
John MarinoDetroit Red Wings31129
John McCarronLondon Spartiates25111
John NybergRegina Pats2952
John PiccinichEdmonton Oilers2982
John St. IvanyWinnipeg Jets3791
John WestinHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Johnathan KovacevicLos Angeles Kings3668
Johnathan MacLeodNunavut Mystery2938
Jonah GadjovichWinnipeg Jets3629
Jonas EnlundWashington Budweiser
Jonas JohanssonCleveland Bulldogs
Jonas RondbjergHouston Supernova3534
Jonatan BerggrenSt-Johns Desperados3815
Jonathan AngQuebec Nordiques
Jonathan DahlenRegina Pats3417
Jonathan DavidssonDetroit Red Wings3196
Jonathan DuganSt-Johns Desperados3680
Jonathan GrudenRegina Pats3857
Jonathan LemanQuebec Nordiques31113
Jonathan TychonickLos Angeles Kings3750
Jonathan-Ismael DiabyDallas Storm2723
Joni IkonenCalgary Red Bull3542
Joni TuulolaNew York Rangers2968
Jonne TammelaLos Angeles Kings3193
Joona KoppanenDetroit Red Wings3423
Joonas LyytinenCleveland Bulldogs3065
Jordan BelleriveWashington Budweiser3559
Jordan GrossDetroit Red Wings3973
Jordan HarrisOttawa Lumberjacks3758
Jordan KooyCleveland Bulldogs38107
Jordan PapirnyMoncton Wildcats30132
Jordan SambrookSeattle Armada3470
Jordan Samuels-ThomasDetroit Red Wings
Jordan SmithAnaheim Icehawks
Jordan SpenceOttawa Lumberjacks3938
Jordan SubbanSeattle Armada2841
Jordan ToppingChicago Blackhawks
Jordon SouthornOttawa Lumberjacks
Jordy StallardSt-Johns Desperados3495
Joren Van PottelbergheLos Angeles Kings3142
Josef KorenarChicago Blackhawks
Joseph CecconiHalifax Thunder32122
Joseph DuszakCleveland Bulldogs39111
Joseph FallonAnaheim Icehawks
Joseph LavinOttawa Lumberjacks
Joseph MasoniusOttawa Lumberjacks31115
Joseph PearceAnaheim Icehawks
Joseph VelenoBoston Bruins388
Joseph WollEdmonton Oilers
Josh AndersonRegina Pats34111
Josh BrittainDallas Storm
Josh BrookCalgary Red Bull3537
Josh GodfreyLondon Spartiates
Josh NichollsOttawa Lumberjacks
Josh ShallaSeattle Armada2349
Josh UniceEdmonton Oilers
Josh WesleyMontreal Canadiens3056
Joshua EssRegina Pats3697
Joshua NorrisMoncton Wildcats3513
Joshua WilkinsChicago Blackhawks35118
Josiah DidierHamilton Ultimate Fighter2278
Josiah SlavinAtlanta Supra38109
Judd CaulfieldCalgary Red Bull3991
Juha-Matti Tapio AaltoWinnipeg Jets
Julien GauthierMontreal Canadiens
Julien NantelSt-Johns Desperados3076
Julien PelletierHamilton Ultimate Fighter2950
Julio BilliaWashington Budweiser29140
Julius BergmanRegina Pats3039
Julius MattilaOttawa Lumberjacks
Julius NattinenCleveland Bulldogs3112
Julius VahataloSt-Johns Desperados30106
Juraj SimekOttawa Lumberjacks
Justin AlmeidaVancouver Knights3735
Justin AzevedoHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Justin BrazeauChicago Blackhawks
Justin HacheNunavut Mystery2493
Justin KeaHalifax Thunder2594
Justin KirklandHalifax Thunder3047
Justin LemckeQuebec Nordiques3199
Justin MrazekWinnipeg Jets
Justin SchutzWashington Budweiser3799
Justin SeftonEdmonton Oilers2242
Justin VaiveDallas Storm
Justus AnnunenHamilton Ultimate Fighter3856
Juuso PuustinenWinnipeg Jets
Jyri NiemiOttawa Lumberjacks
K'Andre MillerAtlanta Supra3811
Kaapo KahkonenNunavut Mystery2934
Kaedan KorczakVancouver Knights3952
Kale ClagueAtlanta Supra
Kameron KiellyChicago Blackhawks31126
Karch BachmanCalgary Red Bull31145
Karel PlasekVancouver Knights3980
Karel VejmelkaRegina Pats3278
Karlis CuksteCalgary Red Bull31142
Kasper BjorkqvistAtlanta Supra3197
Kasper KotkansaloAtlanta Supra3555
Kayle DoetzelSt-Johns Desperados30140
Keaton MiddletonWashington Budweiser34107
Keaton ThompsonMontreal Canadiens2855
Keean WashkurakVancouver Knights3976
Keegan IversonNew York Rangers2971
Keegan KanzigAnaheim Icehawks2845
Keegan KolesarToronto Tomahawk3251
Keith PetruzzelliAtlanta Supra3664
Kelly SummersQuebec Nordiques29102
Kendall McfaullSt-Louis Blues
Kent PattersonDetroit Red Wings
Keven LindCalgary Red Bull
Kevin BahlRegina Pats3854
Kevin ElgestalCleveland Bulldogs30125
Kevin HancockMontreal Canadiens35119
Kevin LankinenCleveland Bulldogs39119
Kevin LynchChicago Blackhawks
Kevin MandoleseChicago Blackhawks3865
Kieffer BellowsHalifax Thunder
Kim JohanssonEdmonton Oilers
Kim NousiainenAtlanta Supra3990
Kirby DachSeattle Armada392
Kiril KoltsovDetroit Red Wings
Kirill KabanovDetroit Red Wings
Kirill KaprizovRegina Pats3261
Kirill MaksimovWashington Budweiser3649
Kirill MarchenkoOttawa Lumberjacks3832
Kirill PetrovSan Jose Rhinos
Kirill SlepetsAtlanta Supra3568
Kirill UstimenkoHouston Supernova3659
Klim KostinAtlanta Supra3512
Kody ClarkCalgary Red Bull3829
Kohen OlischefskiOttawa Lumberjacks
Kole LindBoston Bruins3611
Konrad AbeltshauserEdmonton Oilers
Konstantin VolkovDallas Storm
Kristian OldhamAnaheim Icehawks32120
Kristian Roykas MarthinsenVancouver Knights35116
Kristian TanusAtlanta Supra3773
Krystof HrabikBoston Bruins38114
Kyle BurroughsMoncton Wildcats2789
Kyle De CosteLondon Spartiates
Kyle OlsonHalifax Thunder3594
Kyle PettitSt-Louis Blues3098
Kyle PlatzerRegina Pats2776
Kyle SchemppSeattle Armada29118
Kyle WoodHalifax Thunder3044
Lane ZablockiAnaheim Icehawks3573
Lars VoldenVancouver Knights22107
Lassi ThomsonAtlanta Supra3912
Lean BergmannNunavut Mystery3967
Lenni KillinenHalifax Thunder3794
Leon BristedtChicago Blackhawks27113
Leon GawankeNew York Rangers3992
Levko KoperSan Jose Rhinos
Liam CoughlinSt-Louis Blues30108
Liam DundaToronto Tomahawk31143
Liam FoudyRegina Pats3812
Liam HawelSt-Johns Desperados3696
Liam KirkSt-Louis Blues3785
Linus ArnessonRegina Pats2838
Linus HogbergDetroit Red Wings34101
Linus KarlssonAtlanta Supra3737
Linus Lindstrand CronholomCalgary Red Bull
Linus LindstromLos Angeles Kings
Linus NassenAtlanta Supra3486
Linus NymanDallas Storm3593
Linus OlundToronto Tomahawk3569
Linus SoderstromMontreal Canadiens2931
Linus WeissbachWashington Budweiser3681
Logan CockerillHouston Supernova3565
Logan HutskoSeattle Armada3734
Logan MacMillanAnaheim Icehawks
Logan NelsonWinnipeg Jets2394
Logan PyettLondon Spartiates
Logan StanleySan Jose Rhinos3433
Loic LeducCleveland Bulldogs2580
Loik LeveilleWinnipeg Jets31106
Louick MarcotteCleveland Bulldogs2969
Louie CaporussoToronto Tomahawk
Louis-Marc AubryMoncton Wildcats
Louis-Philip GuindonNunavut Mystery2780
Luc SnuggerudRegina Pats2956
Lucas CarlssonQuebec Nordiques3171
Lucas ElvenesSeattle Armada3548
Lucas JohansenRegina Pats3430
Ludvig RensfeldtSan Jose Rhinos
Ludwig BlomstrandChicago Blackhawks2597
Ludwig BystromAnaheim Icehawks2427
Luka BurzanSt-Louis Blues3763
Lukas DostalCalgary Red Bull3743
Lukas ParikChicago Blackhawks3947
Lukas VejdemoRegina Pats3260
Lukas WernblomChicago Blackhawks37109
Luke GreenSeattle Armada3460
Luke HenmanAnaheim Icehawks3784
Luke MartinAnaheim Icehawks3543
Luke McInnisOttawa Lumberjacks
Luke MoffattEdmonton Oilers
Luke OpilkaToronto Tomahawk3145
Luke StevensHouston Supernova3182
Mac BennettLos Angeles Kings
Mac HollowellMoncton Wildcats3736
MacKenze StewartSt-Johns Desperados30128
MacKenzie EntwistleHalifax Thunder3562
Macmillan CarruthVancouver Knights
Mads EllerWinnipeg Jets28143
Mads SogaardAtlanta Supra3931
Magnus AkerlundEdmonton Oilers
Magnus ChronaToronto Tomahawk38120
Magnus NygrenHamilton Ultimate Fighter2262
Maksim SushkoAtlanta Supra3669
Maksim ZhukovHouston Supernova3547
Malte SetkovLos Angeles Kings3586
Manuel WiedererCleveland Bulldogs
Marc Del GaizoVancouver Knights39107
Marc McNultyNunavut Mystery2882
Marcel NoebelsSeattle Armada2354
Marco RoyCalgary Red Bull2831
Marcus DavidssonLos Angeles Kings3633
Marcus KallionkieliDetroit Red Wings39103
Marcus KarlbergAtlanta Supra3874
Marcus KarlstromLondon Spartiates27115
Marcus WestfaltSt-Louis Blues3790
Marek TvrdonSt-Louis Blues2237
Marek ViedenskyToronto Tomahawk
Marian StudenicVancouver Knights3566
Mario FerraroHamilton Ultimate Fighter3645
Mario LuciaEdmonton Oilers2340
Mark GrametbauerWashington Budweiser34118
Mark MacmillanDallas Storm
Mark MiteraHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Mark ShoemakerQuebec Nordiques
Markus NiemelainenLos Angeles Kings3459
Markus NurmiLos Angeles Kings3483
Markus PhillipsWashington Budweiser3588
Markus RuusuRegina Pats32127
Markus SobergLondon Spartiates28111
Martin FehervaryAtlanta Supra3726
Martin GernatOttawa Lumberjacks2358
Martin HasVancouver Knights3998
Martin KautAtlanta Supra3810
Martin PodlesakAnaheim Icehawks
Martin PospisilCleveland Bulldogs3858
Martin RewayToronto Tomahawk2739
Martins DzierkalsSt-Johns Desperados3151
Mason GeertsenEdmonton Oilers2869
Mason McDonaldHalifax Thunder3031
Mason MillmanCleveland Bulldogs3966
Mason ShawSeattle Armada3631
Matej BeranToronto Tomahawk2447
Matej PaulovicWinnipeg Jets28104
Matej PekarWashington Budweiser3746
Matej StranskyDallas Storm2247
Matej TomekNew York Rangers3155
Mathias Emilio PettersenRegina Pats3828
Mathias FromAtlanta Supra3439
Mathias LaferriereSeattle Armada3841
Mathieu OlivierBoston Bruins3975
Matia MarcantruoniEdmonton Oilers2468
Matias MantykiviChicago Blackhawks3996
Matt BrassardNew York Rangers3690
Matt BucklesAnaheim Icehawks27105
Matt FilipeWashington Budweiser3488
Matt FinnMontreal Canadiens2421
Matt IacopelliAnaheim Icehawks2981
Matt RustSan Jose Rhinos
Matt SchmalzToronto Tomahawk31123
Matt VillaltaNew York Rangers3655
Matteo GennaroVancouver Knights32145
Matthew BerkovitzSeattle Armada2992
Matthew BradleyCalgary Red Bull32121
Matthew CairnsLos Angeles Kings
Matthew JurusikChicago Blackhawks31141
Matthew KellenbergerMontreal Canadiens3596
Matthew MisteleSt-Johns Desperados3089
Matthew MurphyEdmonton Oilers2781
Matthew MurrayChicago Blackhawks
Matthew PhillipsVancouver Knights
Matthew RobertsonHalifax Thunder3933
Matthew SpencerSeattle Armada3240
Matthew StienburgAnaheim Icehawks39102
Matthew StromeBoston Bruins3530
Matthew TassoneVancouver Knights
Matthew ThiessenQuebec Nordiques3890
Matthew WedmanBoston Bruins3995
Matthias AsperupSt-Johns Desperados30136
Mattias ElfstromRegina Pats3467
Mattias KarlssonDallas Storm
Mattias ModigWinnipeg Jets
Mattias SamuelssonRegina Pats3729
Max GaedeAnaheim Icehawks
Max GardinerLondon Spartiates
Max GortzWashington Budweiser2476
Max NicastroHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Max ZimmerToronto Tomahawk
Maxence GuenetteBoston Bruins3935
Maxim CajkovicAtlanta Supra3920
Maxim ChudinovWashington Budweiser
Maxim LetunovVancouver Knights3025
Maxim ShalunovWashington Budweiser2263
Maxime DaigneaultAnaheim Icehawks
Maxime FortierWashington Budweiser
Maximilian PajpachSt-Johns Desperados30118
Maxwell GildonOttawa Lumberjacks3642
Maxwell WillmanAnaheim Icehawks29111
Merrick MadsenVancouver Knights27108
Michael AndersonRegina Pats3660
Michael BrodzinskiOttawa Lumberjacks2861
Michael CichySan Jose Rhinos
Michael ClarkeLondon Spartiates2492
Michael DowningSt-Johns Desperados2867
Michael EyssimontChicago Blackhawks
Michael HouserEdmonton Oilers23117
Michael JolyWinnipeg Jets2785
Michael McKeeChicago Blackhawks23118
Michael McnivenAnaheim Icehawks3179
Michael NealAnaheim Icehawks
Michael ParksCalgary Red Bull
Michael PezzettaWinnipeg Jets
Michael PrapavessisHouston Supernova2978
Michael SpacekMoncton Wildcats3150
Michael St.CroixEdmonton Oilers2339
Michal BirnerAnaheim Icehawks
Michal SersenLondon Spartiates
Michal TeplyDetroit Red Wings3937
Micheal R.J. AndersonAnaheim Icehawks
Miguel FidlerSeattle Armada29148
Mikael HakkarainenCleveland Bulldogs3752
Mikael WikstrandEdmonton Oilers2473
Mike HoeffelVancouver Knights
Mike RobinsonToronto Tomahawk3166
Mike WilliamsonWinnipeg Jets28146
Mike WintherCleveland Bulldogs2551
Mikhail AbramovSeattle Armada3932
Mikhail BerdinDetroit Red Wings3491
Mikhail MaltsevAtlanta Supra
Mikhail StefanovichEdmonton Oilers
Mikkel AagaardSt-Johns Desperados30150
Mikko VainonenMontreal Canadiens2450
Miles GendronLos Angeles Kings3057
Miles LiberatiWashington Budweiser28144
Milos RomanSt-Louis Blues3744
Miro AaltonenChicago Blackhawks2295
Miro KarjalainenNew York Rangers2959
Miska KukkonenAnaheim Icehawks37114
Miska SiikonenCleveland Bulldogs
Mitch FaddenHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Mitch WahlOttawa Lumberjacks
Mitch WeathonCalgary Red Bull2865
Mitchell GibsonWashington Budweiser37107
Mitchell HeardCalgary Red Bull2437
Mitchell HoelscherWashington Budweiser37120
Mitchell MattsonEdmonton Oilers
Mitchell MorozCalgary Red Bull2528
Mitchell StephensMontreal Canadiens3134
Mitchell TheoretLondon Spartiates2496
Mitchell Vande SompelVancouver Knights3137
Morgan BarronMontreal Canadiens35105
Morgan ClarkSan Jose Rhinos
Morgan FrostOttawa Lumberjacks3510
Morgan GeekieEdmonton Oilers3525
Myles BellVancouver Knights2754
Nando EggenbergerDetroit Red Wings37104
Nate SchnarrHalifax Thunder3570
Nathan MoonDetroit Red Wings
Nathan NoelWinnipeg Jets3180
Nathan SmithChicago Blackhawks3745
Nichlas TorpHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Nicholas BokaRegina Pats32130
Nicholas CaamanoSan Jose Rhinos
Nicholas LarsonAnaheim Icehawks
Nicholas RobertsonDallas Storm3911
Nicholas TremblayLondon Spartiates
Nick CampoliMontreal Canadiens35104
Nick EbertCleveland Bulldogs2568
Nick HenryMontreal Canadiens3558
Nick LeivermannVancouver Knights35106
Nick MagyarSeattle Armada2946
Nick MattsonMoncton Wildcats
Nick MoutreyAnaheim Icehawks2875
Nick PastujovSt-Johns Desperados34109
Nick PetersenAnaheim Icehawks
Nick SchneiderVancouver Knights31140
Nick SuzukiLos Angeles Kings356
Nick SwaneyVancouver Knights3580
Niclas AlmariWashington Budweiser3496
Nico GrossAnaheim Icehawks3883
Nicolas BeaudinSeattle Armada3715
Nicolas DawsChicago Blackhawks3987
Nicolas GuayDetroit Red Wings35113
Nicolas HagueBoston Bruins3511
Nicolas MattinenLondon Spartiates3484
Nicolas MelocheLos Angeles Kings3238
Nikita CherepanovEdmonton Oilers29127
Nikita GusevWashington Budweiser2289
Nikita JevpalovsSt-Johns Desperados2963
Nikita KorostelevAtlanta Supra3280
Nikita O. PopugayevAtlanta Supra
Nikita OkhotyukOttawa Lumberjacks3984
Nikita PavlychevAtlanta Supra3295
Nikita PopugaevMontreal Canadiens3556
Niklas HanssonChicago Blackhawks2757
Niklas LundstromChicago Blackhawks2364
Niklas NordgrenAtlanta Supra3844
Niklas TikkinenEdmonton Oilers24101
Niko MikkolaAtlanta Supra
Nikola PasicCleveland Bulldogs39104
Nikolai ChebykinSeattle Armada
Nikolai KovalenkoQuebec Nordiques3861
Nikolaj Krag ChristensenToronto Tomahawk34119
Nikolas BrouillardMoncton Wildcats2774
Nikolas KobersteinEdmonton Oilers2954
Nikolay ProkhorkinAtlanta Supra2598
Nils LundkvistAtlanta Supra3816
Noah CarrollAnaheim Icehawks
Noah CatesCleveland Bulldogs3553
Noah DobsonLos Angeles Kings384
Noah GregorRegina Pats3463
Noah RodRegina Pats2949
Noel HoefenmayerWashington Budweiser3584
Nolan De JongWinnipeg Jets28134
Nolan FooteAnaheim Icehawks3915
Nolan StevensLondon Spartiates3442
Nolan VeseyRegina Pats3099
Oleg SosunovQuebec Nordiques
Oliver WahlstromAtlanta Supra376
Olivier ArchambaultToronto Tomahawk2370
Olivier GalipeauCalgary Red Bull31133
Olivier LeblancRegina Pats29109
Olivier RodrigueAnaheim Icehawks3717
Olivier RoySan Jose Rhinos
Olivier TremblayDallas Storm32136
Oliwer KaskiOttawa Lumberjacks3971
Olle Eriksson EkVancouver Knights3572
Olle LycksellWashington Budweiser3695
Olli JuoleviMontreal Canadiens
Olof LindbomAnaheim Icehawks3853
Ondrej OctenasSan Jose Rhinos
Ondrej RomanOttawa Lumberjacks
Ondrej ValaDetroit Red Wings
Oskar BackHouston Supernova3751
Oskar Stal LyrenasLondon Spartiates
Oskar SteenDetroit Red Wings3487
Oskari LaaksonenVancouver Knights3550
Ostap SafinRegina Pats3648
Otto KivenmakiLondon Spartiates37119
Otto KoivulaLos Angeles Kings
Otto LeskinenDetroit Red Wings3985
Otto SomppiAtlanta Supra
Parker FooAtlanta Supra36117
Parker KellyMontreal Canadiens3589
Parker WotherspoonHouston Supernova3144
Pascal LabergeSt-Johns Desperados3438
Patrick BajkovVancouver Knights
Patrick CehlinSeattle Armada
Patrick HarperLondon Spartiates
Patrick KoudysCalgary Red Bull22109
Patrick KudlaHalifax Thunder
Patrick McnallyCalgary Red Bull
Patrick McneillOttawa Lumberjacks
Patrick SanvidoChicago Blackhawks29138
Patrik BartosakChicago Blackhawks2469
Patrik HersleyWashington Budweiser
Patrik PuistolaChicago Blackhawks3925
Patrik VirtaWashington Budweiser3578
Paul BaierHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Paul BittnerWashington Budweiser3236
Paul CotterAnaheim Icehawks38102
Pavel DorofeyevAtlanta Supra3926
Pavel GogolevCalgary Red Bull39118
Pavel JenysHalifax Thunder2995
Pavel KarnaukhovChicago Blackhawks31146
Pavel KoltyginMontreal Canadiens3551
Pavel KraskovskyRegina Pats30110
Pavel ShenChicago Blackhawks3590
Pavel ValentenkoHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Peter AnderssonSeattle Armada
Peter DelmasHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Peter DiliberatoreWashington Budweiser37105
Peter GuggisbergOttawa Lumberjacks
Peter ThomeRegina Pats34113
Petr KvacaHalifax Thunder3592
Petrus PalmuWashington Budweiser3657
Petteri SimilaVancouver Knights
Peyton JonesHalifax Thunder
Peyton KrebsRegina Pats3914
Philip LaneToronto Tomahawk
Philip NybergWashington Budweiser3494
Philipp KurashevSt-Louis Blues3728
Philippe DesrosiersDetroit Red Wings2847
Philippe HudonHamilton Ultimate Fighter2252
Philippe ParadisAnaheim Icehawks
Pier-Olivier PelletierHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Pierre EngvallCleveland Bulldogs3071
Pierre-Olivier JosephHamilton Ultimate Fighter3518
Pius SuterChicago Blackhawks31111
Pontus HolmbergWinnipeg Jets3786
Pontus SjalinHalifax Thunder30101
Prab RaiHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Quentin ShoreWashington Budweiser24114
Radel FazleevRegina Pats30102
Radim SaldaWashington Budweiser3552
Radoslav IlloSan Jose Rhinos
Radovan BondraRegina Pats3255
Rafael Harvey-PinardChicago Blackhawks3986
Randy McNaughtEdmonton Oilers
Rasmus AsplundOttawa Lumberjacks
Rasmus BengtssonDallas Storm2236
Rasmus BodinChicago Blackhawks2460
Rasmus KupariRegina Pats389
Rasmus SandinCalgary Red Bull3714
Reece ScarlettVancouver Knights2261
Reece WillcoxAnaheim Icehawks25106
Reid DukeLos Angeles Kings2964
Reid GardinerHalifax Thunder29125
Reid McNeillLondon Spartiates2284
Reilly WalshMontreal Canadiens3535
Reilly WebbBoston Bruins3693
Rhett GardnerVancouver Knights
Rhett PitlickOttawa Lumberjacks3977
Richard NejezchlebSt-Johns Desperados3061
Riley BoychukEdmonton Oilers
Riley DamianiSt-Louis Blues3775
Riley EmmersonEdmonton Oilers
Riley HughesEdmonton Oilers3884
Riley StadelSt-Johns Desperados30133
Riley StottsWinnipeg Jets3770
Riley SutterWinnipeg Jets3754
Riley TufteSeattle Armada
Rob FlickVancouver Knights
Robbie BaillargeonEdmonton Oilers24119
Robbie StuckerSt-Johns Desperados36119
Robert NyholmHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Robin KovacsWashington Budweiser3132
Robin KovarChicago Blackhawks
Robin NorellMoncton Wildcats28109
Robin PressOttawa Lumberjacks28102
Robin SaloHalifax Thunder3532
Rodrigo AbolsLos Angeles Kings
Roman DurnyChicago Blackhawks37102
Roman KukumbergHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Roman TomanekDetroit Red Wings
Ronald BoydEdmonton Oilers
Roope LaavainenRegina Pats36113
Ross ColtonDallas Storm
Roy RadkeSt-Louis Blues3163
Rushan RafikovWashington Budweiser28147
Ruslan BashkirovEdmonton Oilers
Ruslan IskhakovMontreal Canadiens3827
Ryan ButtonOttawa Lumberjacks
Ryan ChyzowskiToronto Tomahawk37112
Ryan CollinsSan Jose Rhinos2929
Ryan CulkinMoncton Wildcats2439
Ryan FitzgeraldSt-Johns Desperados2742
Ryan GarlockWinnipeg Jets
Ryan GroppToronto Tomahawk3118
Ryan HowseVancouver Knights
Ryan JohnsonRegina Pats3930
Ryan JonesLondon Spartiates34112
Ryan KujawinskiEdmonton Oilers2857
Ryan LarkinChicago Blackhawks31101
Ryan LohinOttawa Lumberjacks
Ryan MacInnisOttawa Lumberjacks2917
Ryan ManthaWashington Budweiser3075
Ryan McLeodColorado Zipper3722
Ryan MerkleySeattle Armada3713
Ryan O'ReillyWashington Budweiser3757
Ryan OlsenSeattle Armada2485
Ryan PeckfordWashington Budweiser35107
Ryan PilonLondon Spartiates3294
Ryan RehillLos Angeles Kings2972
Ryan RupertLondon Spartiates2560
Ryan SegallaOttawa Lumberjacks2886
Ryan SheaLos Angeles Kings32102
Ryan TesinkVancouver Knights24102
Ryan TurekWashington Budweiser
Saku KinnunenOttawa Lumberjacks28150
Sam BrittainSeattle Armada
Sam HentgesRegina Pats3981
Sam LaffertyCleveland Bulldogs29110
Sam MileticCleveland Bulldogs39100
Sam RuoppDallas Storm32107
Sampo RantaRegina Pats3869
Samu PerhonenSt-Louis Blues2325
Samuel BittenToronto Tomahawk3793
Samuel BolducBoston Bruins3917
Samuel CarrierMoncton Wildcats
Samuel Dove-McFallsEdmonton Oilers3170
Samuel ErssonRegina Pats3759
Samuel FagemoOttawa Lumberjacks3777
Samuel HarveyWashington Budweiser3798
Samuel HlavajChicago Blackhawks3957
Samuel HoudeWinnipeg Jets3771
Samuel KurkerCalgary Red Bull2558
Samuel LabergeChicago Blackhawks31118
Samuel PoulinBoston Bruins395
Samuel WalkerRegina Pats36101
Santeri SaariDallas Storm2876
Santeri VirtanenCalgary Red Bull36108
Santtu KinnunenWashington Budweiser37103
Scott PerunovichCalgary Red Bull3819
Scott ReedyLos Angeles Kings3533
Scott StajcerOttawa Lumberjacks
Scott ValentineLondon Spartiates
Scott WalfordBoston Bruins3685
Scott WinklerHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Sean DayLos Angeles Kings3434
Sean DurziLos Angeles Kings3557
Sean LorenzEdmonton Oilers
Sean MaguireDallas Storm2572
Sebastian RepoOttawa Lumberjacks
Sebastian WannstromToronto Tomahawk
Semyon ChystyakovAtlanta Supra39109
Semyon Der-ArguchintsevMontreal Canadiens3845
Sergei BoikovDetroit Red Wings32101
Sergey ZborovskiyNew York Rangers3274
Serron NoelCalgary Red Bull3721
Seth AmbrozToronto Tomahawk2363
Seth BartonHalifax Thunder3774
Shamil ShmakovHamilton Ultimate Fighter38112
Shane BowersSeattle Armada3615
Shane EisermanRegina Pats3064
Shane McColganWashington Budweiser2365
Shawn BoudriasBoston Bruins3893
Shea GuthrieWashington Budweiser
Simon BertilssonSan Jose Rhinos
Simon BourqueSt-Louis Blues3273
Simon HjalmarssonVancouver Knights
Simon HolmstromColorado Zipper3921
Simon JohanssonSeattle Armada3866
Simon LundmarkAnaheim Icehawks3993
Simon StranskyChicago Blackhawks
Skyler Brind'AmourAtlanta Supra3699
Skyler McKenzieWashington Budweiser3670
Sondre OldenWinnipeg Jets
Spencer KnightAtlanta Supra394
Spencer SmallmanChicago Blackhawks29126
Spencer WatsonHalifax Thunder2975
Stanislav BalanOttawa Lumberjacks
Stanislav DeminEdmonton Oilers3881
Stefan LeblancHouston Supernova29151
Stefan WargWashington Budweiser
Steffen SobergWinnipeg Jets2248
Stelio MattheosLos Angeles Kings3527
Stepan FalkovskyMontreal Canadiens
Stephen DesrocherMoncton Wildcats32115
Stephen DhillonAnaheim Icehawks36110
Stephen HarperDallas Storm28136
Stephen JohnstonDallas Storm
Stephen MacaulayEdmonton Oilers
Stephen SilasWinnipeg Jets
Stephon WilliamsHamilton Ultimate Fighter27117
Steve QuailerHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Steven HodgesMontreal Canadiens2463
Steven JohnsonRegina Pats30107
Steven LorentzSt-Louis Blues3194
Steven SpinnerQuebec Nordiques29108
Storm PhaneufQuebec Nordiques29139
Stuart SkinnerHouston Supernova3640
T.J. FastHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Tag BertuzziBoston Bruins39106
Tanner FaithLondon Spartiates2996
Tanner KaspickLos Angeles Kings3462
Tanner LaczynskiChicago Blackhawks3452
Tarmo ReunanenToronto Tomahawk
Taylor AronsonToronto Tomahawk
Taylor CammarataEdmonton Oilers2738
Taylor RaddyshDetroit Red Wings349
Taylor StefishenWashington Budweiser
Teemu EronenVancouver Knights2486
Teemu KivihalmeEdmonton Oilers2793
Terrance AmorosaSeattle Armada27112
Thomas Di PauliVancouver Knights24117
Thomas NovakNew York Rangers3234
Thomas SchemitschLos Angeles Kings3153
Thomas SpellingChicago Blackhawks22105
Thomas VannelliVancouver Knights2724
Tim BerniMoncton Wildcats3860
Tim BillingsleyEdmonton Oilers
Tim HarrisonCalgary Red Bull28133
Tim McGauleyOttawa Lumberjacks31117
Tim SoderlundVancouver Knights3546
Timothy LiljegrenMontreal Canadiens355
Tobias GeisserNew York Rangers3567
Todd BurgessLondon Spartiates3498
Tom NilssonSeattle Armada2384
Tomas MarcinkoHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Tomas SoustalChicago Blackhawks
Tomas VomackaRegina Pats36100
Tommi LeinonenHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Tommy VeilleuxCalgary Red Bull28139
Toni RajalaSan Jose Rhinos
Toni UtunenRegina Pats38108
Travis BarronRegina Pats3497
Trent FoxBoston Bruins31114
Trevor CannWinnipeg Jets
Trevor KellSan Jose Rhinos
Trevor ZegrasCalgary Red Bull393
Trey Fix-WolanskyCleveland Bulldogs3847
Troy BourkeEdmonton Oilers2479
Troy JosephsAnaheim Icehawks28135
Troy VanceAnaheim Icehawks2281
Tuukka TieksolaOttawa Lumberjacks3939
Ty AmonteChicago Blackhawks
Ty DellandreaAnaheim Icehawks378
Ty EmbersonHalifax Thunder3764
Ty LewisCleveland Bulldogs3536
Ty RonningAtlanta Supra3461
Ty SmithSt-Johns Desperados377
Ty StantonAtlanta Supra2773
Ty TaylorEdmonton Oilers3886
Tye FelhaberLondon Spartiates3959
Tyler AndrewEdmonton Oilers27111
Tyler BensonLos Angeles Kings3432
Tyler BeskorowanyHamilton Ultimate Fighter
Tyler BiggsDetroit Red Wings2318
Tyler BirdEdmonton Oilers2997
Tyler HaskinsAnaheim Icehawks
Tyler InamotoSt-Johns Desperados3672
Tyler MaddenOttawa Lumberjacks3817
Tyler MoyMontreal Canadiens32134
Tyler NanneHalifax Thunder3091
Tyler ParsonsDallas Storm3428
Tyler PlanteEdmonton Oilers
Tyler RedenbachDallas Storm
Tyler RuegseggerEdmonton Oilers
Tyler ShattockAnaheim Icehawks
Tyler SoyHamilton Ultimate Fighter31109
Tyler SteenbergenWashington Budweiser
Tyler TuckerRegina Pats3897
Tyler VeselSeattle Armada29106
Tyler WallLondon Spartiates
Tyler WeissEdmonton Oilers3876
Tyrel SeamenCleveland Bulldogs24111
Ukko-Pekka LuukkonenHamilton Ultimate Fighter3523
Vaclav KarabacekMontreal Canadiens2948
Valentin NussbaumerRegina Pats3983
Valtteri PuustinenOttawa Lumberjacks3974
Vasily GlotovLondon Spartiates
Veeti VainioRegina Pats32116
Veini VehvilainenNew York Rangers3168
Viatcheslav TrukhnoEdmonton Oilers
Victor BerglundVancouver Knights35101
Victor BrattstromChicago Blackhawks37111
Victor Crus RydbergChicago Blackhawks2753
Victor SoderstromRegina Pats3910
Vili SaarijarviAtlanta Supra3233
Ville HussoSt-Johns Desperados2766
Ville PokkaCleveland Bulldogs2523
Ville RasanenRegina Pats3694
Vitali KravtsovSt-Johns Desperados375
Vitek VanecekSeattle Armada2930
Vladimir BobylevHouston Supernova
Vladimir KuznetsovAtlanta Supra
Vladimir TkachevAtlanta Supra29101
Vladislav GavrikovRegina Pats2974
Vladislav KaraHalifax Thunder3595
Vladislav KotkovChicago Blackhawks3756
Vladislav YeryomenkoWashington Budweiser3599
Vojtech BudikToronto Tomahawk
Wade AllisonSt-Johns Desperados3455
Wade MurphyCalgary Red Bull2891
Wiley ShermanHamilton Ultimate Fighter2775
Wilhelm WestlundMoncton Wildcats28119
Will WeberAnaheim Icehawks
William BittenLondon Spartiates
William LagessonWashington Budweiser2957
William LockwoodCleveland Bulldogs
William ReillyRegina Pats36118
William Worge KreuSt-Louis Blues3788
Wouter PeetersQuebec Nordiques3499
Wyatte WylieSt-Louis Blues3748
Xavier BernardWinnipeg Jets3760
Xavier BouchardBoston Bruins3880
Yakov TreninNew York Rangers3122
Yan Pavel LaplanteEdmonton Oilers2772
Yannick RathgebNew York Rangers29121
Yaroslav KosovDallas Storm23112
Yaroslav LikhachevAtlanta Supra3963
Yasin CisseEdmonton Oilers
Yegor ChinakhovChicago Blackhawks39108
Yegor KorshkovQuebec Nordiques31105
Yegor RykovQuebec Nordiques31139
Yegor SharangovichWashington Budweiser37108
Yegor ZaitsevAtlanta Supra
Zach GallantWashington Budweiser3583
Zach NastasiukWashington Budweiser2820
Zachary BouthillierWinnipeg Jets3787
Zachary EmondMoncton Wildcats3778
Zachary FucaleVancouver Knights2825
Zachary LauzonWinnipeg Jets3666
Zachary LeslieVancouver Knights2779
Zachary NagelvoortNew York Rangers2961
Zachary PochiroSt-Johns Desperados2748
Zachary SawchenkoChicago Blackhawks
Zachary StepanEdmonton Oilers2444
Zack BowmanToronto Tomahawk31104
Zack PhillipsEdmonton Oilers2315
Zack TorquatoOttawa Lumberjacks
Ziyat PaiginHalifax Thunder3282